Italian Invasion

Telemann: Concerto Primo from Paris Quartets

Carbonelli: Violin Sonata No.2, Op.1

Locatelli: Flute Sonata No.2, Op.2

Barrière: Cello Sonata No.1, Op.1

Handel: Concerto à Quattro

Corelli: Violin sonata No.1, Op.5

Platti: Flute sonata No.6, Op.3

Geminiani: Cello sonata No.1, Op.5

Leclair: Trio Sonata No.2, Op.13

Telemann in Paris

In 1737, the 56-year-old Telemann had, after a lengthy planning process, finally set-off to travel from Hamburg to Paris as he wanted to over-see the publication of some of his works and to make the acquaintance of the musical personalities of this culturally exuberant city. This was a particularly extraordinary period for Telemann, thanks to his works, he was already well known to Parisian audiences and he was especially well received by the Parisian virtuosi who had been urging him to visit since the early 1730s. Once in Paris, Telemann describes how he was in the company of some of the city’s finest musicians who played his pieces:

"The admirable manner in which the quartets were played by Messrs Blavet (flute), Guignon (violin), Focroy jun. (gamba) and Edouard (cello) would deserve to be mentioned here, if indeed words were adequate to describe it. Suffice to say that they won the attention of the court and the city to an unusual degree, and in but a little while procured me an honourable reception everywhere, accompanied by a multitude of compliments."

It is strongly believed that Telemann composed his Six Quatuors à violon, flûte, viole ou violoncelle et basse-continüe, 1736 and his Nouveaux Quatuors en six suites à violon, flûte, viole ou violoncelle et basse-continüe, 1738, Paris for these specific virtuosi in Paris at that time and that they famously gathered to play them, perhaps even alongside Telemann.

In this programme, Ensemble de Trianon present pieces composed by some the virtuosi that performed Telemann’s Quartets in Paris alongside two of his Quartets.

The Bach Family
and Their Circle of Influence

Concerto Primo from Paris Quartets

J.J. Quantz:
Sonata for flute and basso-continuo in g minor, QV 1:126, No. 336

J.S. Bach:
Trio Sonata from the Musikalisches Opfer in C minor for flute, violin and basso-continuo, BWV1079

G. F. Handel:
Sonata in D major for Violin and basso-continuo, Opus 1, No 13, HWV 371, Circa.1749-1750

J.S. Bach:
Sonata No.I in G major for viola da gamba and obligato harpsichord, BWV1027

C.P.E. Bach:
Trio Sonata in B-flat major, for flute, violin and basso-continuo Wq161/2, H578

Georg-Philipp Telemann:
Concerto I in G major

Michel Blavet:
Sonata I in G major for flute and basso-continuo, Op. 2

Jean-Pierre Guignon:
Sonata IX in c minor for violin and basso-continuo
, Op. 1

Carlo Zuccari:
Sonata in F major for violoncello and basso continuo

Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Forquerayes de clavecin:
Deuxième Suite in G major

Georg-Philipp Telemann:
Quatuor VI in E minor